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Is Wearing Orthotics A Life-Long Necessity?

Is Wearing Orthotics A Life-Long Necessity?

You can get several orthotics prescribed to help with various foot problems. Plantar fasciitis/heel discomfort, bunions, metatarsalgia, and other similar issues fall under this category.

Acquiring the appropriate orthotic for your ailment is crucial for successful treatment and management. In either case, using orthotics is a safe and inexpensive solution to avoid further complications. But for how long must they are worn? Keep reading to find the answer to this and other related questions.

In Most Cases, How Long Would You Have to Wear Orthotics?


Wearing orthotics for an extended period is typically advised to give the feet sufficient time to adapt to the new foot biomechanics. If you just got new orthotics, it could take your feet a month to become used to the extra support they provide.

When used correctly, orthotics can improve the quality of life and be utilized for the rest of a person's life. Removing the orthotics from your shoes may lead to new symptoms or a worsening of the existing ones, as will be discussed in further depth below.

Do Orthotics Last Forever?

In some cases, chronic orthotic use is the most effective treatment method. The orthotics help with the symptoms but don't fix the underlying issue.

As a result, the benefits of orthotics are only experienced. At the same time, the insert is being worn, and removal may lead to a return of the initial discomfort and symptoms. To prevent the arch of the foot, for example, from collapsing when the orthotics are no longer in the shoe, they provide structural support when worn within the shoe.

In some cases, such as with flat feet, extremely high arches, or bone fractures, orthotics may need to be worn in shoes permanently. Doing so is the most conservative approach to preventing the progression of any problems.

Your problems may return quickly if you stop using your orthotics. Removing the support to which the foot and ankle have become accustomed may be uncomfortable and harmful.

How Long Do Orthotics Last?

You may be curious about the lifespan of a pair of orthotics if you need to wear them continuously. Custom orthotics have an average lifespan of 2–3 years. The durability of your orthotics is directly proportional to how frequently and vigorously you use them.

Orthotics should be replaced more frequently for people who engage in strenuous running and jumping activities than those who are not as physically active. Also, different orthotic materials are used to create distinct orthotics, and these materials wear at varying rates.

When to Stop Using Orthotics?

If your heel pain has resolved, you can discontinue wearing your orthotics. But, continuing to wear the orthotics to lessen the likelihood of a subsequent flare-up is often advised.

Although you may be able to discontinue using your orthotics once the discomfort has subsided, it is still recommended that you make use of the other conservative therapy options. Orthotics can be inserted into your shoes if you have similar symptoms again. After that, the discomfort may not go away for a while.

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