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How Do Custom Orthotics Benefit Athletes?

How Do Custom Orthotics Benefit Athletes?

Custom orthotics for athletes have several advantages 

When you think about athletic ability, you could picture a pitcher's arm or a basketball player's pivoting motions. Every sport calls for a different set of skills and strategies, but all athletes rely on proper body alignment, which starts and ends with their feet for most people.

Athletes need to have good foot biomechanics and whole-body mechanics. It doesn't matter if you're a runner putting all your weight behind a kick or a pitcher setting your foot firmly on the ground before throwing the ball; this is true for both.

But walking or running can be difficult if you suffer from foot discomfort, heel pain, or deformities like flat feet or high arches. The good news is that custom orthotics, which are inserts that doctors prescribe to their patients, can help any athlete return to competition. Here are five ways athletes might benefit from investing in custom orthotics.

Your specific requirements will be taken into account

Custom orthotics account for the specifics of your foot structure and biomechanics, such as how you strike the ground when you walk or run. Your weight and the unique shape of your feet, including any abnormalities like high arches or flat feet, are considered when designing a pair of custom orthotics.

They offer the right kind of support

Custom orthotics are helpful because they help you keep your balance and improve your feet' movement. Remember when you tried to perform anything as essential as walking in the incorrect shoes? You're a champion athlete with high arches and history of shin splints. The difference between making the game-winning touchdown and watching from the sidelines can result from inadequate support for athletic performance.

They help avoid injury

An estimated 8.6 million Americans are injured annually while participating in sports. Overcompensating using healthy muscles and tendons more often than usual is a typical response to injury pain. The less efficient movement demands your muscles, knees, and spine.

Custom orthotics are designed to support your foot, which maintains optimum alignment of your spine, hips, and knees while you walk, run, and jump. This facilitates healthy bodily function, reducing the likelihood of harm.

They realign the body

Custom orthotics, as we discussed, are helpful for athletes because they correct alignment disorders that originate in the foot. Planting your feet requires a chain response that begins in the feet and travels up the legs and back when the arches are flexed or collapsed.

Simply put, your body will be in equilibrium if custom orthotics successfully treat your foot condition, whether it be flat feet or pronation while you walk. Because of this, your hips and legs will be in the correct alignment, reducing the amount of pressure on your back.

Their use improves athletic ability

Custom orthotics are the ultimate secret weapon in any athlete's toolkit. They are second only to training and practice because they can solve significant obstacles, including injuries, soreness, spinal alignment concerns, biomechanical abnormalities, and foot oddities. Custom orthotics can help you not only keep up with the rigorous requirements of your sport but also improve your performance to its full potential. 

Book a consultation online if you're an athlete interested in learning more about the benefits of custom orthotics. You can also reach out to us via phone to arrange a meeting.

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