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Are Orthotics Good For Your Feet?

Are Orthotics Good For Your Feet?

Prescription orthotics can reduce the strain placed on the feet and make it easier to go for a walk or participate in a favorite sport. Orthotics are inserts for shoes that are used to treat various foot conditions. Adjusting a strange gait can be accomplished with the help of custom foot and ankle orthotics, which are medical devices designed to fit inside the shoe.

They alleviate pain by acting as shock absorbers for the foot and ankle. They can help correct or avoid foot deformities, improve the foot's posture within the shoe, and enhance the way the lower limb functions. As an example of how orthotics benefit your feet, consider the following:

Relieves pressure

When you get custom orthotics made, the pressure that builds up on your feet throughout the day is redistributed, providing relief. This is a significant investment if you have arthritis or have to stand for long periods at work. Pressure sores and other diabetic foot problems can be avoided with orthotics.

Discreet support

Those who worry their orthotics would be too obvious will be pleasantly pleased by how well bespoke orthotics blend in with everyday attire. Orthotic inserts can be used in both casual and dress shoes. Even shoes like sandals and high heels can have custom-made orthotics.

Injury prevention

Foot and ankle problems, such as fractures and sprains, can be prevented with the help of additional support. Your orthotics give a firm base for your feet and legs to move on to prevent you from injuring yourself through strain or overextension. Sprains and ligament tears can be avoided with an ankle brace.

Corrected Pronation

When the foot's arches flatten, a typical result is a pronation, in which the ankle rolls toward the body's center. This puts extra strain on your feet, knees, hips, and lower back.  Pronation increases your risk of sustaining a knee injury while participating in physical activity. You can reduce stress on your body's other joints by wearing custom orthotics, which offer the arch support you require.

Corrected Supination

Supination, in which the ankles turn outward and farther from the body's midline, can be brought on by having exceptionally high arches. Like pronation, this posture increases stress on the lower extremities and spine. If the angle of one foot is higher than the other, it might throw off your balance and worsen the condition. Your feet can stay in a more natural position with the help of custom orthotics.

Minimize twisted ankles

Heel cups, a common feature of orthotics, help stop the foot and ankle from turning inward. Athletes like runners and cyclists utilize them for this very purpose.

Facilitate quicker sprinting, pacing, and walking

Having nothing to hold you back when your feet are in good shape. You won't have to worry about the pain and discomfort that slow you down when you have orthotics.

Protect your feet from further injury

Children who use orthotics have a better chance of developing healthy foot bones. Orthotics can reduce the risk of injury for adults with healthy feet.


The use of orthotics in treating foot and ankle issues is supported by research. For the orthotic to be effective, it must be a good fit and used correctly, as stated by several of them. According to the advantages above, orthotics are beneficial for the foot.

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